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Income Tax
  • Technical Inputs:
    • Incidence of Tax
    • Computation of Income from House Property, Salary, Business or profession, Capital Gains, Income from Other sources.
    • Preparation of Depreciation Schedule for filing ITR,
    • Preparation of P&L A/C and Balance sheet for filing ITR4,
    • TDS /TCS,
    • Advance Tax – Computation, Payment
    • Tax Planning in case of Individuals.
  • Practical Aspect :
    • Examples on Computation of Income, E-Filing of ITR I, II, IV through software, On-line Payment of Tax, E-Payment of Taxes, TDS return filing etc.,
Service Tax
  • Technical Inputs:
    • Negative List of Services,
    • Declared Services,
    • Place of provision of Service Rules,
    • Point of Taxation Rules,
    • Service Tax Valuation Rules,
    • Cenvat credit Rules related to services
    • Reverse Charge Mechanism,
    • Partial Reverse Charge Mechanism
    • Interest, penalty etc.
    • Show cause notice
    • Amendments made by FA 2004
  • Practical Aspect :
    • Return filing, Computation of service Tax, Online Service Tax Registration, Online payment of Tax. Interest, Penalty computation
GST : Goods and Service Tax Roadmap to GST, Possible changes after introduction of GST Central Excise:
  • Technical Aspect :
    • Applicability of Central Excise,
    • Registration under Central Excise,
    • Application for SSI,
    • Tariff Classification,
    • Cenvat Credit Rules 2004 (Partly)
    • Central Excise Valuation Rules 2000 (Partly)
    • Show cause notice
    • Rebate / Refunds
    • How to dealt with Central Excise Department.
  • Pratical Aspect:
    • Various Records under central Excise- PLA, CENVAT Register, Filing ER1, Overview of ER4, ER5, ER6, ER7, E-Registration, Payment of Taxes etc., How to prepare documents for rebate / refund claim
Sales TAX , VAT/ CST :
  • Technical Aspect :
    • Incidence of Tax
    • Thresh hold limit for Registration
    • Registration under VAT / CST,
    • Periodicity of filing Returns,
    • VAT Computation,
    • Various Forms under Central Sales Tax.
  • Practical Aspect:
    • Filing of VAT / CST Return, E – Registration, E-Payment
Accountancy :
  • Technical Aspect:
    • Introduction to Financial Accounts, Understanding of various terms viz. Capital, Liability, Assets, Revenue expenses, debits and credits & vouchers.
    • Accounts, Posting of entries, Books of Accounts, Method of accounts (emphasis of income and recording of income in accounts).
    • Preparation, reading and analysis of A) Trial Balance B) Balance Sheet C) Profit and Loss Account & D) Tax Audit Report.
  • Practical Aspect :
    • Preparation of Journal, Ledger, Trial Balance, Balancesheet etc.
Professional Tax :
  • Applicability,
  • Procedures,
  • Registration
Banking and Finance :
  • Bank Interest Computation
  • EMI Computation through Excel.
Duration: 4 Months
fees Rs 30,000
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