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Introduction: The food processing sector is critical to India’s development, as it establishes a vital linkage and synergy between the two important pillars of the Indian economy—Industry and Agriculture. India is the world’s second largest producer of food and holds the potential to acquire the numero uno status with sustained efforts. The enormous growth potential of this sector can be understood from the fact that food production in the country is expected to double in the next 10 years, while the consumption of value-added food products will also correspondingly grow. A recent study has revealed that there is tremendous potential in India to build a profitable business in the sector. This industry ranks fifth in the country.. The Indian consumer is being fast introduced to newer high quality food products made by using the latest state-of-the-art technology that is also giving the industry a competitive edge.Considering huge response MITCON announces this program.
  1. Entrepreneurship development-
    1. Concept of entrepreneurship
    2. Difference between entrepreneur & manager
    3. Qualities of entrepreneur
    4. Skills of entrepreneur
    5. Reason for failure of entrepreneurship.
  2. Need, Status & scope of Fruits & vegetable industry in India-
    1. Fruit Specific processing & preservation technology-
      1. Vegetable specific processing technology-
        1. Milk & Milk Product Processing
          1. Quality Control / Quality assurance & International trade-
            1. Processing Machineries
            2. Packaging materials & Machinery-
              1. Waste management-
                1. Food Process management
                  1. Market Survey, Market research & Market Strategies
                    1. Project report preparation / Business plan preparation
                    2. Rules & Regulation, Food laws (FSSAI 2006)-
                      1. Bank role , Procedure , Documentation
                      Duration: 1 Month
                      Fees: Rs.15,000/-

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