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Overview : We provide training in the field of Livestock farming Goats are considered small livestock animals.Goat farming has a very huge market since the consumption has considerably increased wit the increasing population .Commercial market of goat is the current trend and we train students to setup commercial goat farms.Market survey ,commercial importance ,buying and selling of stock is covered in this training program.Since it is agriculture based mainly farmers are benefitted from this training.
Course contents:
  1. Introduction to the trade
  2. Breeds
  3. Selection of Breeds
  4. Feeds
  5. Diseases and vaccination
  6. Marketing
  7. Nabard schemes
  8. Insurance
  9. Goat economics
  10. Banking and Finance
  11. Farm visit

Duration: 6 Days
Fees: Rs 5000/- + Rs 750/-(S.T.@15%)= Rs 5750/-

This Course is also available in Chinchwad. Call for more details.

1st Floor, Manik Raj Park,
Opp. Heritage Plaza,
P.C. Link Road, Chinchwad,
Pune – 411 033. Phone: (020) 65293933

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