Business English And Etiquette Training

Business English And Etiquette Training

This is a special Training module for working professionals who wish to improve and enhance their Communicating skills for better career prospects and growth.


Our Aims

  • To be the voice for the business and professional English language training industry
  • To market business English and other professional English courses to key target groups
  • To provide a 'one stop shop' for people who wish to grow in their career.
  • To improve and maintain quality standards across the industry
  • To provide professional support to the corporate who need people with quality.


Our Goals

Our overall goals, as we work with participants, are to facilitate their workplace performance in attaining a higher standard of proficiency and confidence in the use of the English language - enabling them to develop their business skills and develop a more professional rapport. Our training includes realistic scenarios, interactive quizzes, role-plays, group-work activities and topic-based group discussions.


Your will benefit from our training because you will learn how to:

  • Optimize professional and personal potential
  • Adapt readily to changing business environments
  • Discover business problems and opportunities proactively
  • Adapt your communication style for greater impact