Certificate Course in Spreadsheet (Using MS Excel)

Formatting a Worksheet

Number formats

Understanding Cell References

RFormula (More than 100)

  • Logical Function
  • Text Functions
  • Math Functions
  • Date & Time Functions
  • Lookup Functions
  • Accounting Functions
  • Engineering Functions
  • Statistic Functions
  • Database Functions
  • Other Functions

Formula Auditing

Name Manager

Table Style

Data Using Charts

Pivot Charts

Pivot Tables

Link Multiple Sheet & Files

Page Setup

Sorting & Advance Filtering data

Data Validation

Consolidating Data within Worksheets

What If Analysis

Get External Data Connection

Protect Sheet & Workbook

Track Changes

Sub Total

Using Save Workspace

Conditional Formatting

Create Templates

General Option for Working with Excel

Advance Option for Working with Excel

Customize the Ribbon


Excel shortcuts


Duration: 40 hours

Fees :4500/- Rs.